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Video game localization

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2 years of in-house experience

JRPG translator

  Something you learn when translating thousands of item names, spell stats or monsters' stories is that consistency is capital in video games translation. When hunting down mistakes and making sure the UI is clear, you realise how precious and interesting teamwork is this field. By chosing to trust me with the translation of your glossary, you are garanteed to offer your players a enjoyable experience free from inconsistancy and confusing directions.

  But a deep universe is also a great opportunity to create a living, authentic and endearing world. My translation will make sure that every creature keeps their personality and that every piece of equipment comes with its story.

Otome translator

  A good Otome lives through its characters. Translating is also conveying all the depth of the original, reaching to the players' emotions so they grow attached to the experience. With my experience in romance games, I can provide moving stories and unforgettable characters.

I also learnt to adapt my translations to a specific and demanding public. French speaking players of Otome do not have the same expetations as the Japanese one, while being deeply invested in the game. Finding the balance between loyalty to the original and cultural adaptation is what make localization so exciting.

Game producer

Knowledge of the industry

  Enjoy the benefits of working with someone who has been in your shoes. I have directed the localization of games into French for more than a year and have a bigger view of what it means, even from my perspective as a freelance translator. I was Game producer in a mobile games company (Arithmetic Inc., Japan) and was responsible for the localization of apps. I have participated to the launch of an original game from scratch, discussed creative direction and helped with marketing and coped with technical issues. I have seen how translations are used and implemented into the games, so everything I produce will also be designed for that.

Gamer experience

Contributing to awesome games

Since the time when I was playing Commander Keen on my old Windows 95 PC, I have grown with the everlasting Pokémon franchise, I have met friends on mmoprgs and mobas, spent entire afternoons in the living room in front of the PlayStation and discovered indie games that I will never forget...

Becoming a video game translator is a dream come true. By doing this job, I contribute to experiences that will move new players as much as they moved me as a child and continue to do so as an adult. If I remember so vividly the Japanese RPGs of my young years, it is thanks to amazing translators to whom I will always be grateful.

We all remember, of course, infamous localizations whose terrible choices still make us laugh. These localizations are also here to remind us how much wrong a bad translation can do to a game. Sadly, ruining it can be easy : a confusing UI, stiffed dialogues or just cultural specifics too quickly overlooked can turn many players away from an otherwise good game.

It is because I remember good translations as strongly as I still resent the bad ones that I always make sure my translation will guide your players along an exciting road.

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